Month: December 2023

Ep 156: Winter Solstice and Yule Original Short Stories

Ep 156: Winter Solstice and Yule Original Short Stories

This episode was recorded on November 27th, 2023.

Before we celebrate and honor Solstice and Yule, We hope or stories and our actions contribute to bringing back the light, not only for our personal gatherings, but for those in the world who are suffering, especially those in Gaza, Congo, Sudan, Ukrain, all those at war and facing genocide. We hope by honoring what is good in the world combined with our social justice actions in this world we hold space to create a better life, a better future, where all are allowed to live in peace and creativity. 

Boots on the Ground, Wands in the Air! 

After our Samahin stories Corey and Detta have been asked to create original Sabbat stories this year by an overwhelming amount of listeners. This year – we will.

We hope you enjoy our Solstice and Yule offering. Please check out our previous “Holiday” episodes. On Spotify, Apple, and all podcast platforms and our Website at Bonfire Babble 

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Ep 155 Capricorn Season 2023

Ep 155 Capricorn Season 2023

We missed you Corey!

In this Ep Cawnawyn brings us the forecast for Capricorn Season. Our Wonderful Corey is out doing amazing theatre for those that do not usually see theatre. We miss her but are really happy for her.

She is back in our Yule Stories next episode ( which will drop with 24 hours of this one!)

Happy Birthday, Capricorns!

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