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Re-Release: Beltane Celebration and Sex Magick

Re-Release: Beltane Celebration and Sex Magick

Hi all! We are re-releasing what we hope you agree – has some excellent information on ways to celebrate Beltane, Please enjoy – and reach out with any questions! 

:30 to 1:55

Content Advisory

Welcome to our 2022 Beltane episode. A tiny content advisory. There are a lot of different ways to celebrate Beltane, and the theme of fertility, abundance, and the beginning of Summer for many of us ( and fall for the Southern Hemisphere. The main traditional theme, however, is a holy union between the Divine Masculine, and Feminine.  Aka Divine Sex or as I like to call it – Sacred Sex. Corey and I have chosen to focus for a portion of the show on Sacred Sex and how Queer and Ace humans can celebrate or not – and how to embrace the spectrum of Divine Masculine and Feminine in your own life. No matter who you are. We have provided some skippers if you know all that or are queer This may or may not be appropriate for small ears. We are sex-positive and take this seriously, Although sometimes we joke like 12 year old, most of our talk is pretty serious and we dip our toe into some instructions on sacred sex spell work. There is a program with timestamps in the show notes if you want to skip anything!

With that said – We are really excited to share this episode with you so – let us get started!


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3:41 our chatter Squirrels and Garden talk
We talk plants and pests for just a moment -no – we are not becoming a garden show but – this is

8:39 Some review shout outs! THANK YOU

9:30  Witchy Garden Weirdness a  Question for listeners

12ish  some more listener review shoutouts!

May Day
Jonathon Coulton

14:30 ish Library
Addressing the Changing Definition of Masculine and Feminine

The Library
Detta’s opinion and research on
How do you include Queer and Ace people in a holiday that focuses on a traditionally heterosexual union?
Jenn Boothby Shout out

16:35 Short gender vs. What is biological sex ( assigned at birth etc)?  lesson and resource

19:35 A short reading from Fight Hatred
And some
20ish Corey’s Library
23: 10 We head to the Bonfire

Beltane and Sacred Sex Magick
25 wish  Some deities you may consider

30 ish  Details about fertility abundance and if you want to indulge in sacred sex – some safety tips and when to focus your spell intention

34:30:ish options to Sacred Sex

38:40wish Weaving, Knot, and Beltane and the Maypole

44:27 – Don’t Give up – Climate Change

47:30 ish

Chad the Bird 




Kimberlé Crenshaw Ted Talk on Intersectionality 

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Cawnawyn’s Corner: Taurus Season

Cawnawyn’s Corner: Taurus Season

It is Taurus Season, Witches. Cawnawyn has you covered!
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Ep 129 Sacred Spaces: Caves

Ep 129 Sacred Spaces: Caves

Our song, some tv talk, a little drawl and

We are starting a new Series! Sacred Spaces. Today is about caves…Let's go spelunking

4:30 ish – The Library!

18:25 The Bonfire

48 ish SPARKS


The Requisite 


Cherry Kelly: Rising Venus