Month: January 2024

EP 161: Imbolc Stories Cailleach and Brigid

EP 161: Imbolc Stories Cailleach and Brigid

WE SKIPPED THE SONG on purpose today!

As requested we are telling original stories that have, based on existing stories or completely new with Holiday symbols, spells, and ways to celebrated woven in the storytelling thread.

Stories start 9:30ish

The Cailleach

Food & Color

Altar, Herbs, crystal, color,

Names of Deity

Spell of gratitude and protection

Imbolc at Bree’s ( Brigid)

Sparks 28 ish.

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Sammy Obeid 

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Song at the End transition from Detta’s story to more chat “Not Afraid To Love – Flux Vortex via Epidemic Music

Ep 160: Using Oils in Your Magick

Ep 160: Using Oils in Your Magick

Recorded on January 7th, 2024

:00 Teeny Tiny Babble

4:47 The Library

12:46 The types of magic we witches use

15:03 The Bonfire

16:30 some contraindications for health if you put certain oils on your body

17:30: More Magick stuff

21 Fire safety

More types of magic to use

22: Smoking point

30 ish communication with other species through frequencies

35 ish – some fave specific herb and oil combos –

37 some protection magic with oils

Cawnawyn’s Corner: Aquarius Season 2024

Cawnawyn’s Corner: Aquarius Season 2024

IT IS COREYMIUS! also known as Aquarius Season – but also known as Corey Season

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the Aquariuses out there!

HEY we have some fun stuff this episdode. Do you get lost in the astro-babble? Cawnawyn Spends some time going over that. Now – if you are already versed in the world of Astrology – I have put some timestamps below!

Y’all – we have some Teaching going on here today. THANK YOU Cawnawyn!

2:00 ish – Saturday, January 20th.

18 ish: What is a Natal Chart?

18:30 ish What is a Progress Chart?

19:52 WOW  – something I am going to talk about on social media….

22ish – Back to Aquarius Season


This is an exciting one you all!






EP 159 Moon Names & Magic: January

EP 159 Moon Names & Magic: January

No babble… Just What we are talking about and we recorded this on New Year’s Eve 2023

1:59 ish Library

10:30 ish The Bonfire

26:30 SPARKS

Corey’s Spark

Anthropocene Reviewed By John Green

Detta’s Spark

Cherokee Nation Home 


Real Rent Duwamish – Real Rent Duwamish

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Ep 158: Tarot Spreads

Ep 158: Tarot Spreads

Just a little babble then we dive into Some tarot spreads that already exist, some Library with some advice for tarot readers

4:50 Library 

The National Institute of health has an entire blog series on Bias

office of equity and inclusion has resources

Confirmation bias in tarot could be a danger or rather – what you are looking for and need! I like to think about this if I am creating a spread for myself or a family member.

8:35 Bonfire

Some more chat about the types that exist

Our opinions 

Jenna Matlin 

How we create spreads

Detta Shares here designed relationship spread 

Use tarot to help focus – ADHD

Some Advice 

40:00 ish 


Theresa’s Book The Cards You are Dealt 

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and yours

Actively Black Athletics 

Ep 157: New Year, New Magical Spaces

Ep 157: New Year, New Magical Spaces

:30 Babble and New Year stuff, also some SHORT Palestinian Chat

8:00 Library 

13:25 Bonfire 

37: Some questions for you! 

38: Sparks

Corey & Detta


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