About Us

About Us

So Who Are We?

About Us 2

We (Corey and Detta!) are two Witches living in our modern world who are on two very different points of their magical path. We are both fairly eclectic, with Detta having a firm foundation built over the last couple decades, and Corey having been practicing seriously only the last 6 years or so. Over the course of creating this podcast we have both come a long way and found a passion in communicating with other witches in our community: seeking out new perspectives, gracefully and GRATEFULLY receiving feedback and corrections when we misstep, and always, always, learning together. Whether you are a new Witch on your journey, or a seasoned practitioner, we hope that you will find support, community, and new insights here around the Bonfire with us!

Mission Statement:

At Bonfire Babble we endeavor to create a safe and supportive space for folks at any point of their magical journey. We strive to provide an environment that fosters discussion of higher magics, sympathetic magics, and how they affect ourselves and our world. Ours is a space free of sexism, racism, appropriation, and bigotry of any kind, with a focus on antiracism and full bodily autonomy. As a result, magical activism is baked into our community. As two femme, queer witches, it is our goal to cultivate a community that is not merely inclusive, but is a celebration.

Cawnawyn Mor


Cawnawyn is a singer/songwriter, astrologer, and eclectic witch. She is our incredible astrologer for the podcast, and we are stoked always to explore the stars with her. She also has a website all her own where she provides astrological insight, classes, music, and so much more. Visit her site by clicking the photo above to reach out for readings and classes, and just to get to know our beautiful astrologer, who teaches us so much every month!