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Cawnawyn’s Corner Leo Season 2024

Cawnawyn’s Corner Leo Season 2024

Here it is – Leo season in all it’s glory. However, We talk chart specifics, do a little teaching, talk a little how does this apply, and so much more!

There is  A LOT of Cawnawyn Teaching this episode, sometimes using our charts. If you find your that your _Insert zodiac sign we talk about here_ is in the same house we are talking about for Detta, Corey, or Cawnawyn – then that applies to you as well.

Questions about when your house is empty – Answered and so much more!

We hope you have as much fun as we did!




Ep 177: July Moon Magic and Lughnasadh 2024

Ep 177: July Moon Magic and Lughnasadh 2024

Oh yeah… We are throwing you some spells for your use, some TV Babble, Some Moon Magic, Some God evoking Magic and FUN!

So much TV STUFF

9:35 The Library

15 ish The Bonfire

37 ish SPARKS

41 ish


Plant Baby


Open Hearts Foundation

Part 1_Cawnawyn Corner Cancer Season through July 1st

Part 1_Cawnawyn Corner Cancer Season through July 1st

Ya’ll it is long and VERY important but I had to get the solstice stuff out to you ASAP

We talk about Cawnawyn’s great work the An Morrigan

Pagan Parenting

THEN we jump into an overview of the month and then SPECIFICS on the Full moon For June 21st

And the planets through June 30th

JUST part one you all… You will hear it fade out at about 50:00 ish

Part 2 will be released by Saturday, June 22




EP 176: June Moon Magic

EP 176: June Moon Magic

First – we apologize for the audio quality – we were trying a new microphone… and it did not go well. Next week will be better!


We did not realize that this would be released on Juneteenth because we moved our release date to Thursdays BUT Because of when the moon becomes full… and when we move to Cancer season … It is coming out on this wonderful day so please, even though we do not say it

Happy Juneteenth – please read a book


Between the World and Me


The Warmth of Other Suns
by Isabel Wilkerson

And Support our Black Witches!

Keep educating yourself witches!

Some pre-babble

3:o3 The library!

10:57 The Bonfire

22:30 SPARKS

From Folklife Corey bought Detta some amazing stickers from


Whiskey Terra Foxtrot 


Alissa Yungjohanna The Green Corn Dance

Handmade Palestine


175: Selkies

175: Selkies

Often referred to as the kinder, more gentle version of Mermaids and Sirens, Selkies are often overlooked due to the tragic stories surrounding them, hopefully their escape, but then… that’s it?

Not quite. It is true Selkies hold a different magic, but a powerful one. Very powerful. The folklore and the magic are what we discuss today!

5:51 ish


Corey’s sources 

– ,of%20Celtic%20and%20Norse%20origin.









A Paper I want to read, but did not have time: The Sea Calls: A Selkie’s Liminal Existence


Detta’s Sources

Visit Faroe Islands

The Secret of Roan Inish The Movie

Penguin Random House. – 

Shanore dot com


Scotland stories

And! I did read it – I think it is worth reading.

The Sea Calls: A Selkie’s Liminal



28:14 The Bonfire


58:57 SPARKS



Dead Boys Detective Agency – ( SO MUCH MAGIC YOU ALL! )


AND from both of us every time

For Palestine

World Central Kitchen ( donate if you can!) 

The Olive Branch project

Gaza Children’s Relief Fund

Pass the Hat on Tic Tok


Cawnawyn’s Corner ( of the sky): Gemini Season 2024

Cawnawyn’s Corner ( of the sky): Gemini Season 2024

So much good stuff. We erroneously thought this would be short …. but

For the transcript please visit the free section of our Patreon! 

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173: There Be Dragons (Magick) Here!

173: There Be Dragons (Magick) Here!

Some babble

Mental health, restaurants and Darling Weirdo ; Haiku and interpretation of the 7 of Swords on patreon

The importance of language

9:10 ish THE LIBRARY

28: ish The Bonfire

45:ish SPARKS


The Dragon Prince


Literary Hub


Ep 172: Beltane ( Beltane, Beltain, Beltaine, Beltine and Beltany) Stories…

Ep 172: Beltane ( Beltane, Beltain, Beltaine, Beltine and Beltany) Stories…

Well – here are our stories.

These are not listening with the families stories …They are both kind of Smexy in places.

Detta does get… uncharacteristically detailed in some of her Beltiane offerings in her story – blushing all the time but you know – if you are partake in these particular magickal activities — it’s important to celebrate them!

12:00 – 13:30 ish – A little bit graphic in places during this time stamp.




Soccoro Society 


3 Body Problem