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Ep 158: Tarot Spreads

Ep 158: Tarot Spreads

Just a little babble then we dive into Some tarot spreads that already exist, some Library with some advice for tarot readers

4:50 Library 

The National Institute of health has an entire blog series on Bias https://www.edi.nih.gov/blog/opinion/unconscious-bias-and-public-servant-what-can-we-do-overcome-unconscious-bias

office of equity and inclusion has resources

Confirmation bias in tarot could be a danger or rather – what you are looking for and need! I like to think about this if I am creating a spread for myself or a family member.



8:35 Bonfire

Some more chat about the types that exist

Our opinions 

Jenna Matlin 

How we create spreads

Detta Shares here designed relationship spread 

Use tarot to help focus – ADHD

Some Advice 

40:00 ish 


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