Ep 44: Witches in Media: Willow Rosenberg

Ep 44: Witches in Media: Willow Rosenberg

I think Corey and I agree that not all parts of Buffy The Vampire Slayer have stood the test of time – but Willow does. Through her successes, her failures, her vengeance that we may or may not completely understand ( oh – we understand), Willow has been an inspiration to witches and queer folk for 24 years.

Join us for the first in our Witches in the Media series. What in Willow's journey informs – or un-informs our practices?

I feel like we barely scratched the surface of Willow – but we will include some resources if you want to dig even deeper into the philosophy of this witch.

3:03 The Library

7:00 – Some resources from the Library

12ish – some real-world talk about satanic panic ( in general inspired by an ep) and 15 short tangents about Lucifer ( tv) and his absence in a book that you may think he is in.

15:47 Willow's Sexuality – what it meant to us.

26:18 Willow's Magic as a Drug: Our issues and understanding about this issue

31:50 ish Anthony Stewart Head aka Giles

34:15 Magic users and Witches – there is a difference. Borrowing power

38:00 Dawn

45ish – Warren and Rage

47:49 – Imposing your will vs. Stopping oppression

50:30 ish Other witches we will be exploring.

54:50 WATER Sparks


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