48a: Brooms and Besoms

48a: Brooms and Besoms

HEY! While our lovely Spotify, Stitcher, IHeart, and all the rest are working just fine – our Apple listeners still can't find this week's ep – So this is a re-launch for that platform. “Fingers Crossed” Oh btw – we have an episode on that type of magic!

This ep gets – explicit – so maybe don't listen around the kids. There are some metaphors flying here! Sex, Drugs and shoot… did we miss Rock n' Roll?  (scan the ep) yes we did! So let me just add

I knew a Girl Name Nikki

Little Red Corvette

The Rolling Stones.

Ok moving on. We are talking Brooms and Besoms …. and flying ointments.

We hope you enjoy the ep!

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