Ep 70: Imbolc, Brigid, Candlemas, Hearth Magic and all that Jazz

Ep 70: Imbolc, Brigid, Candlemas, Hearth Magic and all that Jazz

Hello Babblers! We are back talking some general magick, Imbolc Magick, Brigid and a whole bunch of stuff!

We have a program for you today. You may find that necessary for today. We laughed A LOT today we had SO much fun and then we get serious after our sign-off should you choose to stick around! So – our program today is:

:30 Shout out to Patreon people!

1:30 ish Reunited – and it feels so good…

6:00 Prophetic / Divniatory Dreams

9:00 some collective consciousness chat for what we are hearing and how it relates to Imbolc

10:11 The Wheel Of Time chat – NO SPOILERS

11:20 Wolf Like Me – NO SPOILERS!

15:30 SHORT history also check out our previous ep so this is brief My resources – My Book of Shadow, Scott Cunninham, History.com

18:00 To the bonfire!

SHORT glitter chat –

19:50 What Detta and Corey are doing to celebrate this year ( hopefully some inspo )

Hekate, MORE collective consciousness chat so — YOU too??

27: ish Corey and Detta Listener “Challenge”

37: 30



Show Me Your Mask


Bits and Bobs Divination 

40:30 Magical Activism Talk and some book Recommendation

If you have listened to us for a while you know that Neither of us is into “Witch” politics – there are SO many ways to be a witch – you do you! (regular politics in our beautiful blue state – yes but ..not witch drama. ) nor are we into the Drama that sometimes pops up in the online witch community. Nor are we gatekeepers.

Protecting the minority using magic and real-world stuff?  That we are WAY into. After our sparks and sign off – we get deep into a current Heads up about a small faction of witches that the Queer witch community should be aware of – no panic and we don't want to blow it out of proportion – but be aware, stay safe and know that you are not alone.

Then because We are Detta and Corey we talk about some gender politics. Yes – first regular ep of the year and we are headed down rabbit holes! ( BUT we saved it for after sign off so you can easily skip it!)

HOWEVER -please – don't miss our Spice Girls moment before all that- it will lighten the mood!

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