Ep 87: Oracle Cards

Ep 87: Oracle Cards

Corey and I recorded this episode before the horrific events in Buffalo, and before the 19 Children and Two teachers – mostly Latinx- Killed May 24th at Robb Elementary. I have worked for change since I was 12 years old when I had my first argument with my dad about my very First Black Teacher – whom I adored. When dad found out he was black , he refused to let me talk about him. Then my brother came out of the closet. Oof. Then, shortly after, my dad died  of a heart attack before I turned 13. It was sadly, and luckily, the best thing for our family. That is the only way we escaped his White Supremacy. Is that the only way we escape now? When they all die? We shouldn’t have to wait. Things must change.  I am tired. I know you all are too.  I hope you find some comfort today. And may we find solutions and peace in our dreams. May we manifest change, and a non- Fascist society. Let it happen fast- when we wake up. Wishing all of you safety – Detta.

This episode is about Gardening, NightVale, Blood Mead, and How Hungry Corey is by the end of this episode.
Oh, wait no – We are talking about ORACLE CARDS!

What are they? How are they Different from Tarot? How do Detta and Corey use them?

Some actual decks – You can see some on our  Instagram and our Patreon!


Our Dear Witches – We chatted Y'all. If you are not here for that – please see our program below so you can skip to the content you want!


We chat, Welcome to Night Vale, *CW Blood Mead,

6:57 A quick Gardens show about plants and Cute Pests for you green witches out there!

Crows, Racoons

WARNING this is just a tangent about our experiences with our crows right now at our respective homes! 

9:08 What not to do with crows, what to do with the crow, some crow stories.

Crow Goals.

13:50 The BonFire – finally!

Some resources

Len- OR- Mand. WE do not know about this – but I found some resources!

Detta here- Yes, I spent way too much time trying to find someone who was really clear about Lenormand. I JUST “met” EmilyRoseDivination on Instagram and EmilyRoseDivination on Youtube, as I write this on May 24th.  I think she is pretty cool. We don't mention her on the podcast because we recorded it on May 2nd.

An Angel Card Story – that took us down a short rabbit hole…

19:30 We FINALLY get into ORACLE cards!

23:ish we get into some specific decks!

The Crow Oracle, Seed and Sickle, The Citadel, Amy Brown, Hedge Botanical, The Moon deck

HERO’s JOURNEY is NOT talked about but will be on the Instagram Page, Sacred Bee, Everyday Witch Oracle, and Golden Constellation Oracle.

32:00 Wrap it up – aTh33:26 Do you use Oracles

33:34 Sparks!




Ravens Flight Apothecary

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