Ep 95: Book Reviews: Witches’ Sabbath

Ep 95: Book Reviews: Witches’ Sabbath

Recording on June 26th. Two days after SCOTUS made the choice that Women and people with wombs don't have autonomy over their own bodies.

We here at Bonfire Babble do not recognize this unjust law. We recognize that living breathing Human Being has the right to make their own choices. We do not recognize that while they claim pro-life, they are playing “Their God” by choosing a possible life, over a life that is already here and has life and a claim for their life on this plane.

We  talked politics for about 25 minutes after the two reviews – and then I cut it – we will do that another time BECAUSE

We are reviewing some books! From Llewellyn. These are some good ones Y'all!

Corey Reviews:

The Witches' Sabbath by Kelden & Jason Mankey

Detta Reviews:

Hex Twisting by Diana Rajchel  THIS is the book you need if you are angry right now and want some solid actions to take while protecting yourself.

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