EP 139: Lughnasadh

EP 139: Lughnasadh

We are adding to our Library of Celebrations – going deeper and a Little wider…

If you want some history please check out our previous Lughnasadh Episodes

Witches’ Wheel Part 2

Ep 46: Let’s Celebrate Lughnasadh, Witches!

ExtraSode: How we are celebrating Lughnasadh (or Lammas) 2022


We talked pepper BUT I forgot to ask my question! Do you have any Habanero Pepper /Hot sauce recipes!

4:43 the pool To hot for the bonfire!

Then More accidental babble about… hot things

THEN 8:46 ish – the topic!

11:49 Sort Side bar about Elder Queers

then back to how we are celebrating this year!

23:16 SPARKS


Chuck Tingle 


Nicole Maple Coenen

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