EP 161: Imbolc Stories Cailleach and Brigid

EP 161: Imbolc Stories Cailleach and Brigid

WE SKIPPED THE SONG on purpose today!

As requested we are telling original stories that have, based on existing stories or completely new with Holiday symbols, spells, and ways to celebrated woven in the storytelling thread.

Stories start 9:30ish

The Cailleach

Food & Color

Altar, Herbs, crystal, color,

Names of Deity

Spell of gratitude and protection

Imbolc at Bree’s ( Brigid)

Sparks 28 ish.

Danny Schmidt Website

Danny Schmidt Instagram


Sammy ObeidĀ 

Sammy Obeid on Instagram

Song at the End transition from Detta’s story to more chat “Not Afraid To Love – Flux Vortex via Epidemic Music

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