Cawnawyn’s Corner: Aquarius Season 2024

Cawnawyn’s Corner: Aquarius Season 2024

IT IS COREYMIUS! also known as Aquarius Season – but also known as Corey Season

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the Aquariuses out there!

HEY we have some fun stuff this episdode. Do you get lost in the astro-babble? Cawnawyn Spends some time going over that. Now – if you are already versed in the world of Astrology – I have put some timestamps below!

Y’all – we have some Teaching going on here today. THANK YOU Cawnawyn!

2:00 ish – Saturday, January 20th.

18 ish: What is a Natal Chart?

18:30 ish What is a Progress Chart?

19:52 WOW¬† – something I am going to talk about on social media….

22ish – Back to Aquarius Season


This is an exciting one you all!






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