Ep 8: Samhain Series Part 2 – Tarot

Ep 8: Samhain Series Part 2 – Tarot

Welcome! We had fun with this one and hope you do as well. It is longer than usual so
Here is a breakdown of what we cover today. BUT before we get to that. This ep drops as Mercury Goes into retrograde. It goes Direct on November 3rd. If you are in the US – that is a big day. Think about using the energy of Mercury going Direct to boost ethics, honesty, safety, and healing.
0:00-2:56 – Song, Welcome, Indigenous Peoples Day
2:57  The Craft. Yep. The Movie. We talk about The “New” sequel
6:13  Chilling Tales of Sabrina The Teenage Witch
8:11 Wrapping up The Craft
9:42 Babble around the Bonfire: Tarot
22:28 Detta Introduces The Modern Witch Tarot Deck by Lisa Sterle produced by Liminal 11 To Corey and it is EPIC because the Deck IS EPIC. So it is a mini-review of the deck. Lisa's Insta OMG 
37:09 We talk about our favorite cards and what they mean and what they mean to us personally.
49:22 SPARKS! Every week we want to shout out who or what is inspiring us and share them with you so you can see if these things “spark” your interest.
This week's Sparks
Corey: Meckley Brooms NEW WEBSITE Meckley Etsy
Detta: Daughter of Old YouTube Daugther of Old Instagram
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