Ep 17: Let’s Celebrate, Witches! Yule and The Winter Solstice.

Ep 17: Let’s Celebrate, Witches! Yule and The Winter Solstice.

Ok we do some serious chatting this week folks. We would love it if you want to hang by the bonfire for the entire time but in case you are looking for something specific or if you head back here after listening to find something … Here you go!

Opening: Movie Talk: The Happiest Season

9:28 Right to the Bonfire. The library for Yule and Solstice was last week's ep.

11:ish – Peppermint Pits, Daily Witch Show Tea Shout out!

15:58 What is a Yule Log and Your personal relationship beyond our geek out.

20:26 Star Anise Correspondences

21:47 back to Corey's Abuela biscochitos

22:39 Herbs we use at Yule / Winter Solstice

24:18 Corey & poinsettias

25:32 Animal magical correspondences

26:15 – Color Correspondences

26:55 Food and Drink Correspondences

30:20 Goddesses

30:49 Detta goes down a Rabbit hole

32:48 Corey Jumps in the Rabbit hole

33:54 Corey's rituals around the holiday

37ish – Detta's Rituals around the holiday

39: Pagan Carol and Music Chat

41:40 we chat about sacrifice – cause it's old. But changed…

43:00 Crow ( cheese SOMETIMES but Kat Kibble is better)

44:04 Irish Winter Solstice

45:56 Big announcement

47:13 SPARKS


Every week we want to shout out who or what is inspiring us and share them with you so you can see if these things “spark” your interest. This week:

Hag Swag


Mj Cullen the Crow Tarot 

Revisit to Lightseer Tarot  and 

Modern Witch Tarot 
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