Ep 21: Palmistry

Ep 21: Palmistry

It is January 19th. Please stay safe out there. Physically and Magically.

Feel free to check out our warding episode ( body and home protection information in that one) and Our Knot Magic Episode and Sigil Episode also has some protection magic suggestions.

Be aware – stay safe.


++If you downloaded before Jan 26th Detta ( hi!) misspoke and I have now learned something new! The Romanian people are Romani. I have now corrected that at 19:51++

We don't do many eps like this but – we do not know much about Palmistry – and we freely admit this! So this is a research and how what are our impressions about – Episode. We don't and won't do a ton of these but..every once and a while AND

IF you are a Palm reader -we would love to hear from you and talk about having you on the podcast!



Every week we want to shout out who or what is inspiring us and share them with you so you can see if these things “spark” your interest. This week:
Corey's Sparks



Some of our Instagram followers who inspire me ( and honestly – us)
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