Ep 25: Deity Spotlight: Working with Deities

Ep 25: Deity Spotlight: Working with Deities

Folks this is a long one and a bit vulnerable. We are sharing some personal experiences here that hopefully will be useful in your own journey and/or established practice.

This was recorded A bit ago… before snow LoL oh Me (Detta) of little Faith – if you have seen our Instagram – you know.

Let me give you some quick program notes, the song list so to speak for you theatre peeps.

2:10 Quick note on Cultural Appropriation – what it is, what it isn't

3:23 White sage – Who it is for

3:44 Sacred Smoke _ Amy Blackthorn

And as Corey says: Not being an appropriating Tool is not Gatekeeping” T-shirts are being made ūüėČ

5:00 moving on – Some Babble

8:00 Right to the Bonfire!

How to decide If and Who – Deities

The Morrigan and Detta and the Morrigan

20:10 Corey and Lyssa

26:18 First mention of the Astral plane….

27:15 Psychic? Prophecy?Dreams?  РAll of the above!

First story Detta was asked to share

28:50 ish – mental health and astral work are different

30:01 – Loki

39:10 SHORT tangent on the Good Men and New Narratives We want to tell!

42:15 More babble and why this Diety conversation

48ish Preamble to – First story: A Prophecy experience- the first sign of the Morrigan in Detta's life in retrospect. Corey and I talk about the differences between types of dreams.

56:ish – A visit with a Spirit, a ghost, a departed, a used to be here.

58:40 ish back to dreams

64:48 The Goddess Said So – Last story about astral work Corey makes a discovery!

67: ish – Corey talks personal path work

68ish – Goddess appearance…

Some babble and Summing it up. THEN

71:12 Sparks!


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Courtney Webber
That Witch Life Podcast 
Catland Books

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