Ep: 27 Mj Cullinane – The Crow Tarot and ROAR

Ep: 27 Mj Cullinane – The Crow Tarot and ROAR

We don't usually do two interviews in a row but we could NOT wait any longer to share this episode with you. The Crow Deck Tarot is how I discovered MJ ( or… Margaux!). But there is also A new deck you MUST SEE and every adult and kids alike – should own this deck ROAR. The story of how the Crow Deck came to be is AWE. INSPIRING.
Manifestation, Crows, and everything in-between

Listen on dear ones, then check out MJ Cullinane's Website for the above decks and more!

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**17:00 ish – 18:30ish some talk of Bodies and Dysphoria

( Book Rec – Cameryn Manheim – Wake up I'm Fat)

** Zoom recording – Hey all – we are still figuring out our interview sound quality – it doesn't suck – but it isn't our usual level of control. But in case you notice – we are working on it!



ROAR Deck 

Kathrine Bueche


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