EP 31: The Fool and The Magician

EP 31: The Fool and The Magician

We had fun with this one – hope you do as well. Also Hope you like our voices because … we talk a lot. But that's why you're here, right?

In case you want to bop around here is what happens in this episode!

:30-7:34 Some business! Upcoming eps – Corey's Pits…

7:34 music talk that may inform your witchy practice – if you like that sort of thing

16 ish to the Bonfire

18:03 The Fool- Deep Dive With Corey

28:40 Precipice

29:18. The Magician – Deep Dive With Detta

Advice -from Moi ( Detta) don’t listen to the blame/ Shame bullshit about manifestation Run don't

31:00 Let’s get to the Magician

39:54 – COREY Speaks again!

Now we talk about The Fool and The Magician with each other! And Babble Babble Babble about our thoughts. on these cards – like leapfrogging off each other's ideas!

50:22 Detta weighs in on The Fool

55:20 SPARKS

Detta's Spark

Mndiaye_97 on Tik Tok – Dopamine hit

Rachel Pollock  Tarot Expert 

Corey's Spark

Fluert ( Online shop or in West Seattle)

Land Acknowledgment

Bonfire Babble Podcast recognizes that we live and record on the traditional lands of the Duwamish Tribe. We Honor Their past and present stewardship of the beautiful land and the life-giving energy they provide. To learn more about the Duwamish People and Real Rent visit their site! 

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