Ep 32: Mortellus Interview ” Do I Have To Wear Black”?

Ep 32: Mortellus Interview ” Do I Have To Wear Black”?

Listeners this is Detta. you are about to hear an amazing episode with a powerful witch and necromancer Mortellus, author of “ Do I have to Wear Black. A guide and detailed book regarding the rituals of Traditional, Coven-based witches. Trigger Warning:
We talk about death and what happens to our bodies after death and some specifics about how the Covid pandemic has impacted death care workers. Some of this discussion may feel graphic to some listeners.  Later, We briefly mention sexual abuse but do not go into details. We speak of dying, and resurrection and talking to the dead. But We also discuss the Morrigan, mischievous familiars, discuss when and how to trust your magical experience, graveyards, herbs, tools for necromancy, and –  necromancy in D&D – Yeah. We went there too.
If any of these subjects concern you, please check the timestamps in the show notes – otherwise, please enjoy this powerful  interview with the generous Mortellus

Find a Grave.com

Trigger Warning

Education and A fun topic and not a well-known fact about Mortellus!

10:54 – The book, Death Rituals, Covens, and writing without revealing secrets.

19:ish – Grief, Covid, Interacting with the Dead and the Living
In this section we really talk about how Covid is affecting Morticians and Covid after death

27 ish : Talking to the dead Doubting experiences. How do you know? Real-world check-ins (aka Therapy check-in )

30:00 The Morrigan and Scars- (warning childhood abuse mentioned
Cruel reactions, The full scope of motherhood.

37:00 ish Near-death experience

39: Reflections on the toxic type of Christianity – NOT the Healthy awesome Christians or Christian witches. ( Mortellus and Detta had similar Southern Baptist experiences…. ) So Tent Revivals, Washing feet…etc..

44:00 Necromancy and Necrobotany

AND D & D YEP! Here it is!!

51: Trad craft

A new perspective on left-hand magic and How the body works in regards to life and death

57:00 Mortellus perspective of Medium and Near-Death Experience / Abuse / Children

59:30 Necrobotany

1:02 Find a Grave ( Findagrave.com ) 

1:04 ish – Mortellus and her familiar and the talking old spells

1:09 – Detta Tears up over the acknowledgments and back of the book

1:14 we talk a bit about poverty

1:18 Wrapping up – available classes

1:20 Detta talks a bit about the book and gives an OVERVIEW of the book –


Mortellus – Her next Class 

Preistess Myrium 

1:25 22 – Please Rate and review us! Land acknowledgment  THANK YOU!

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