Ep 62: Shadow Work: What, Why, & If / When is it for you?

Ep 62: Shadow Work: What, Why, & If / When is it for you?

What are we talking about 
:30 Preface why we are cautious when we talk about Shadow work
2ish – Food and new books ( Julia's new cocktail book so Alcohol trigger and … the weather

8:50ish  -Some concerns and transparency about doing this episode and Shadow work

12:00 ish why do people WANT to do it  and one wait MIGHT help you as a Witch

15:06 What EXACTLY is Shadow work people who do workshops

17:10 ish the even darker side of Shadow work – raising awareness before you dive into this work. Corey's personal experience that is “parallel” To our concerns
Stanislavsky's work in SOME instances can look exactly like shadow work.

19:00 ish questions to ask yourself so you can decide WHAT to explore in   shadow

20:35 ish Do those guidelines make sense?

21:50 ish some of the prompts that might not be shadow work you do by yourself

22:20 ish  If-Then ask yourself about the benefits vs. the cons

24:30 – Setting up – Shadow work prep

26:00 We start talking about  the lighter side of shadow work

27:00 Thanking yourself / Honoring yourself / Don’t shame yourself

29ish – an exercise Detta's FIRST

31:ish ok are you ready after all that – here is some shadow work to explore, or start with some shadow work that is hopefully in the .. safer place to start Not a deep dive trauma-based prompt – for Detta

34:24 Some more Shadow work Detta is doing this season. The first level of my shadow work this season.

36:09 the actual questions I am asking myself

40:00 Safety net ideas

40: 50 the moon card and Shadow work

41:20 what is exciting about shadow work

42:47 Is it necessary
43: 30 What is the big deal Corey and Detta? Jeesh

45: 30 Sparks AND resources

Soul Retrieval ( Erika




Planned Parenthood

Finding therapists who work on a sliding scale -this takes some effort but they are there.

Are you in college? There are free mental health resources

Australia – Service NW No clue why I know this.

Bellevue College’s resource page

Find the college in your area and check their page they will have resources outside of school that is free or low cost.

The Trevor Project 

Our Linktree



The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention provides referrals to support groups and mental health professionals, resources on loss, and suicide prevention information (888-333-2377)
The National Domestic Violence Hotline provides 24/7 crisis intervention, safety planning and information on domestic violence (800-799-7233)
The Suicide Prevention Lifeline connects callers to trained crisis counselors (800-273-8255)

Group Therapy, Support groups like AA, OA, Survivor groups, PTSD or CPTSD groups.

We recorded this before Detta read the end of Rise of the Witch. Whiskey has a great chapter on Shadow work at the very end of the book so there is another resource – but not mentioned in this recording. Especially – if you are in recovery.

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