Ep 84: Tarot: Temperance & The Devil

Ep 84: Tarot: Temperance & The Devil

Some chatter about our lives, interactions with spirits,  Miracles, Chimayo, and Santuario de Chymio 

10:25 The Bonfire

10:39 Surprise!

10:50 – why do the cats have cameos in this episode?


Detta’s sweeping fast opinion of something that applies to both of these cards.

12:00 shout out to some awesome Christians.

13:10 – Temperance

Symbols, Meaning, A spread I do.

Some chatter with Corey

Summary at 22:00

Some more chatter about Temperance with Corey

25:50 The Devil

33: Shame sucks.

37ish. Side Note moment: Legend Chat

39: Temptation/choice same thing, or no?

49:45 – Detta’s opinion on the Devil and chat with Corey

57 Short talk on Lucifer – disobeying

60 Pleasure

62:34 CONTENT WARNING – Masturbation – Religions Trauma

65: why trauma makes Detta want them to call it something other than the devil.

65:30 Questions for listeners!

66:30 ish energy and advice

68: We are not on Twitter anymore

A different definition of “Sin”

69:56 Sparks


Mercury Stardust 


Dr. Lisa Barry on Instagram 

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