Ep 132: Listener Questions Part 1

Ep 132: Listener Questions Part 1

Sorry this will cut off abruptly at the end I wanted to put in a “To be continued tag but alas… I could not.

Questions being answered in this episode!

Artemis asks:  I want to know what is the difference between manifesting and setting intentions, please?

Trish asks: I’ve been getting signs that a deity has been trying to get in touch with me. However I don’t really know where to start my research. I’m worried I’ll pick one or two and do all the work but it’ll be the wrong ones. What is a good way to narrow down on where to start my research? My second question is, I live with someone who…doesn’t really support my witchyness so I have to do a lot when they are traveling or aren’t home. I hate it because I want to do some spells to keep my magic going. The spells I’ve done in the past were necessary at the time but now it feels like everything is ok and I don’t need any big spells. Do you have any daily spells I can do on the dl that just keep my magic on a good idle 🙂?

Tanu (pronounced approximately like TAH-nu) asks: In the modern world, there's SO MANY resources that it's getting hard to choose. Where would you recommend a new witch to start nowadays?

 Rianna  asks: Do you have any meditation advice for adhd babywitches?

David asks: Is there a specific genre of music that makes either, or both of you, feel magickal?

Ashlyn asks: How can I connect to spirit/diety/the universe (whichever you believe in) on a daily basis. When I was catholic we had prayers but I don’t know how to do something similar as a pagan/witch/practitioner. Thank you for answering my questions you two are so lovely! <3 --Second question: How can we tell people (normies) about our craft/practice/experiences so that they understand us better without sounding crazy? Stayce asks: When something isn’t working, how can you tell the difference between a spell or element of a spell that just needs to be “tweaked” versus one that is telling you “give it up, babe, this one’s not for you”? Sarah asks: How are you able to get out of your head, per se, when journal-writing? I used to do it all the time & felt it very worthwhile, but whenever I go back to re-read my entries later, I can’t hardly make it thru, bc I feel like I’m so cringe!! How do I quit judging my thoughts on paper so harshly?! Land Acknowledgment Bonfire Babble Podcast recognizes that we live and record on the traditional lands of the Duwamish Tribe. We Honor Their past and present stewardship of the beautiful land and the life-giving energy they provide. To learn more about the Duwamish People and Real Rent visit their site!  How To Reach Us Join us for fun posts, extra materials, spells, and lots of fun stuff at  Bonfire Babble Witches on Patreon  You can find us on Instagram Facebook at Bonfire Babble Podcast Bonfire Babble TikTok Cawnawyn Mor Our awesome in-house astrologer! You can catch her once a month on the podcast! But always on Instagram…provided there isn’t an outage…. If you like us – and you are on Apple Podcast – we would love it if you gave us a 5-star rating and if you have time – a short review! Thanks so much for listening! We are no longer on Privatized Feathers. Chirp, Chirp.

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