EP 133: Listener Questions Part Deux ( Part 2)

EP 133: Listener Questions Part Deux ( Part 2)

We are back with Part 2 TWO Deux!

Questions we answer today:

An anonymous closet witch asks: How can I find pagan groups around me and still stay in the closet?

Katelyn @ Bits and Bobs Divination (she/her) asks: First off, I love your podcast and always get so much out of it! Second, I’m curious what brought you both to creating the podcast in the first place and the name and segments? Thanks for all you do!! 💚✨

Heather asks: Do you have any insight or ideas about introducing witchy/pagan holidays and practices to children? I live in the American Deep South, everything is very very Christian, and we have talked about celebrating pagan holidays with our child (who is only 16 months, but still!). We celebrated Earth Day with a lot of intentions and with a sort of “ritual” to it but it's obviously far off from full “witchy-ness”. I guess, I'm trying to celebrate this with my child as I make my own gentle transition into my spirituality.

Maia asks: What is your favorite thing about living in Seattle/the PNW? How has living here impacted your magical practice?

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