Ep 144: Chronomancy

Ep 144: Chronomancy

The episode was recording on August 13th, 2023

Time Keeps on Slipping…

Time is on My Side

We are talking TIME magic – BTW I realised in editing this episode we did not talk about

:30 Content advisory

1:00 ish some babble and talk about Maui

8:33 Listener Input – great story about another episode!

11:37 ( New moon was a bit ago BUT Some class information for everyone! )

14:38 The Library

15:55 The definition is missing the word “Divination” to determine… The mics didn’t capture it…

Y’all – We forgot to officially go the bonfire but somewhere between 20-30 we go… No clear marker or sound effect!

54:00 Alien Rabbit Hole….

59:00 we crawl out of the rabbit hole and back to our time magic


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Maui Food Bank 

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