Ep 145: 3rd Anniversary: Getting to Know How Your Witches Have Changed!

Three years. Corey and I & Cawnawyn are so excited. Cawnawyn Joined us just 4 short months after we started the podcast after an interview we did with her. This has been an amazing ride you all – and it is all thanks to you. If you have been here from the start or are just joining us – THANK YOU!

We have grown as Witches. Done deep dives we might not have done without you all on the other end of the speaker.
We share with you some of the biggest changes in our practice over the last 3 years. Sometimes we even explain why! It is a magic filled episode where we marval over the magic, the craft, our podcast, and plans to keep on going as long as you keep listening!

Thanks and …. here we go.



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How we have changed in our witchcraft and as a podcast




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