175: Selkies

175: Selkies

Often referred to as the kinder, more gentle version of Mermaids and Sirens, Selkies are often overlooked due to the tragic stories surrounding them, hopefully their escape, but then… that’s it?

Not quite. It is true Selkies hold a different magic, but a powerful one. Very powerful. The folklore and the magic are what we discuss today!

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Corey’s sources 

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A Paper I want to read, but did not have time: The Sea Calls: A Selkie’s Liminal Existence


Detta’s Sources

Visit Faroe Islands

The Secret of Roan Inish The Movie

Penguin Random House. – 

Shanore dot com





Scotland stories

And! I did read it – I think it is worth reading.

The Sea Calls: A Selkie’s Liminal



28:14 The Bonfire


58:57 SPARKS



Dead Boys Detective Agency – ( SO MUCH MAGIC YOU ALL! )


AND from both of us every time

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