EP 176: June Moon Magic

EP 176: June Moon Magic

First – we apologize for the audio quality – we were trying a new microphone… and it did not go well. Next week will be better!


We did not realize that this would be released on Juneteenth because we moved our release date to Thursdays BUT Because of when the moon becomes full… and when we move to Cancer season … It is coming out on this wonderful day so please, even though we do not say it

Happy Juneteenth – please read a book


Between the World and Me


The Warmth of Other Suns
by Isabel Wilkerson

And Support our Black Witches!

Keep educating yourself witches!

Some pre-babble

3:o3 The library!

10:57 The Bonfire

22:30 SPARKS

From Folklife Corey bought Detta some amazing stickers from


Whiskey Terra Foxtrot 


Alissa Yungjohanna The Green Corn Dance

Handmade Palestine


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