Ep 15: Knot Magic from Witches Knot to Witches Ladder & More

Ep 15: Knot Magic from Witches Knot to Witches Ladder & More

We talked a lot and magic applications and uses are “weaved” throughout our “twisted” show today. Knot puns – gotta love them!

We start with a Dolly Fest

5:02 Pet Talk

7:58 -Therapy talk and Update – Some Great Metaphors!

13:21 – the Library History of Knots

There is “Not” a clear segue into Babble we “intertwine” the two today ( the puns just keep on coming!).

Practical applications are also peppered throughout the episode today.

54:10 Sparks

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I have many books as well that talk about knot magic but here are some sources you can access and the we referenced in the show today.

Knot Magic


Here is a Wikipedia source!! Lol.






Every week we want to shout out who or what is inspiring us and share them with you so you can see if these things “spark” your interest. This week:




And Triple Goddess Coven
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